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CS to C-Mount Adapter Ring - 5mm Aluminum Shim

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  • Allows C-Mount Lenses to be used with CS-Mount Cameras
  • 5mm Spacer
  • Knurled Housing for Ease of Use
  • Ruggedized High Quality Aluminum

5mm Spacer to Convert CS-Mount Cameras to C-Mount allows C-Mount lenses to be used with CS-Mount cameras. Many machine vision cameras use a standardized camera/lens mounting configuration; the most common is C-Mount. C-Mount has a 1" diameter thread mount with 32 TPI (Threads Per Inch) and has a 17.5mm back flange distance. CS-Mount is another common mount on short focal length and varifocal lenses that also has a 1" diameter with 32 TPI, however the back flange distance is 12.5mm. To use a C-Mount lens on a CS-Mount camera, a 5mm spacer can be used to convert the CS-Mount camera to a C-Mount.