GV-5080CP-P-GL - 5.01 MP, 24 FPS, Sony IMX250, Polarized Mono GigE Camera

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The global shutter CMOS sensor IMX250MZR with integrated on-pixel polarizer belongs to the Sony Pregius family and ensures better object detection in cases of low contrast or reflective light. Furthermore, it helps to make scratches on surfaces or the stress distribution within transparent objects visible. With a resolution of 5.01 MPix (2448 x 2048 px px) at 3.45 µm in size, it achieves 24.0 fps in the GigE Vision uEye CP industrial camera.

Due to the polarization filter, the sensor generates an image with four polarization directions in a single image. Based on the intensity of each directional polarization, the polarization direction and the degree of polarization of the light source can be determined. Further information can be found in the product data sheet.

This camera model is supported by IDS Vision firmware 2.2 and higher.

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