M111FM16 - 1.1" 12MP 16mm F1.8 C-Mount Lens

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The lenses, are optimized for 3.1-μm-pixel-pitch imagers, equivalent to 1.1” 12 mega-pixels. Use of state-of-the-art optical technology enables high-contrast and high-resolution from the corner to the periphery of images despite the large aperture size. Tamron’s machine vision fixed-focal lens line-up also opens gates to other areas of applications including traffic monitoring, notably for ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). High image-fidelity is maintained at frequently-used close distances. Tamron’s proprietary coating technology is employed to enhance the lens light transmittance, and combinations of diverse types of lens elements are optimized to bring the resolution to the maximum height. An aspherical lens is deployed on a wide-angle model for the first time in Tamron’s machine vision lenses.



M111FM16 Specifications