LM16HC-VIS-SW - 1" 12MP 16mm F1.8 C-Mount Lens

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Kowa’s 1” C-Mount HC-VIS-SW lens series maximizes high resolution imaging from the visible to SWIR wavelength range.  With IR-correction and the ability to perform well at 450nm to 2,000nm, these lenses are ideal for a wide variety of applications such as high-end surveillance, machine vision inspection, produce sorting, quality control, anti-counterfeiting, and more.

  • 1" 12 Megapixel C-mount industrial lens
  • Focal length 16mm
  • For sensors with a pixel size of 3.1μm or more
  • Suitable for Sony IMX990, IMX991 sensors and many more
  • Wavelength range from 450nm - 2000nm
  • High performance compact lens
  • Very low distortion