LM35HC-V - 1" 2MP 35mm F1.4 Ruggedized C-Mount Lens

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The ruggedized HC series is a 2 megapixel industrial lens with interchangeable iris plates
and two way reversible nut for focus adjustment. All internal lens elements are glued for robust vibration and shock resistance. Design with a compact metal mount and metal housing. This series is perfect for autonomous vehicles or industrial equipment applications.

  • 1" 2 Megapixel C-mount Industrial Lens
  • Focal length 35mm
  • For sensors with a pixel size from 5.0μm
  • Suitable for Sony IMX174, CMOSIS CMV4000 and Sony IMX249 sensors and many more
  • Very good brightness in the corners
  • Designed for use in environments with strong vibrations and shocks
  • Lock nut is used instead of screws to fix the focus
  • All inner glass elements are glued to increase stability