LM8FC24M - 1.1" 24MP 8mm F2.5 C-Mount Lens

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Kowa’s 1.1” 24MP C-Mount FC24M lens series has a large image size of Φ17.6mm and is ideal for sensors such as the 1.1” Sony IMX183, 530/540, 253 and IMX304. The FC24M series lenses can cover any sensor of up to 14.1mm x 10.6mm without vignetting and is optimized for a pixel size of 2.5µm or greater.

  • 1.1" 24 Megapixel C-mount Industrial Lens
  • Focal length 8mm
  • For sensors with a pixel size from 2.5μm
  • Suitable for Sony  IMX183, IMX530/540, IMX531/541, IMX253/304 sensors and many more
  • Floating mechanism to eliminate optical aberrations
  • Broadband Coating: Transmission from VIS to NIR